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get ready for 0.10 release

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 pylibftdi changes
+ * support for FT232H via iteration over lists USB_VID_LIST/USB_PID_LIST in driver.py (FT232H uses different PID)
+ * support for 'buffering' - i.e. chunking reads and writes to allow interruption (i.e. KeyboardInterrupt) in what could otherwise be a very long uninterruptable extension code call.
+ * reset device to serial mode on open() (previously could be left in bitbang mode)
  * moved docs -> /doc
- * moved pylibftdi/tests -> /tests - makes nosetests etc work better
+ * moved pylibftdi/tests -> /tests - makes python -m unittest discover etc work better
  * removed legacy support for Driver() to acting as a Device()
- * API for Bus class now requires .device rather than .driver (this still needs fixing at some point)
+ * API for Bus class now requires .device rather than .driver (this still needs improving at some point)
  * improved and extended tests
  * made a start on some Sphinx-based documentation

File doc/conf.py

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 # built documents.
 # The short X.Y version.
-version = '0.9'
+version = '0.10'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '0.9'
+release = '0.10'
 # The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
 # for a list of supported languages.

File pylibftdi/__init__.py

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 libftdi can be found at:
-Neither libftdi or Intra2net are associated with this project;
+Neither libftdi nor Intra2net are associated with this project;
 if something goes wrong here, it's almost definitely my fault
 rather than a problem with the libftdi library.
-__VERSION__ = "0.10pre"
+__VERSION__ = "0.10"
 __AUTHOR__ = "Ben Bass"

File setup.py

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-    version="0.10pre",
+    version="0.10",
     description="Pythonic interface to FTDI devices using libftdi",
     author="Ben Bass",