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Ben Bass  committed cfc0152

fix tests under Py3 after moving tests package with new-style relative imports

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File tests/test_bitbang.py

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 to be attached.
-from test_common import (LoopDevice, CallCheckMixin, unittest)
+from .test_common import (LoopDevice, CallCheckMixin, unittest)
 from pylibftdi.bitbang import BitBangDevice
 from pylibftdi import FtdiError

File tests/test_bus.py

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+pylibftdi - python wrapper for libftdi
-from test_common import unittest
+Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Ben Bass <benbass@codedstructure.net>
+See LICENSE file for details and (absence of) warranty
+pylibftdi: http://bitbucket.org/codedstructure/pylibftdi
+This module contains some basic tests for the higher-level
+functionality without requiring an actual hardware device
+to be attached.
+from .test_common import unittest
 from pylibftdi.util import Bus

File tests/test_driver.py

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 to be attached.
-from test_common import (LoopDevice, Device, CallCheckMixin, unittest)
+from .test_common import (LoopDevice, Device, CallCheckMixin, unittest)
 # and now some test cases...