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 Though hopefully with a different serial number, or else you've either
 stolen mine, or you are me...
-Test some actual IO (well, at least O)
+Test some actual IO
+Output example
 Connect an LED between D0 of your bit-bang capable device and ground, via a
 330 - 1K ohm resistor as appropriate.
     $ python -m pylibftdi.examples.led_flash
 The LED should now flash at approximately 1Hz.
+Input example
+To test some input, remove any connections from the port lines initially,
+then run the following, which reads and prints the status of the input lines
+    $ python -m pylibftdi.examples.pin_read
+The ``pin_read`` example is a complete command line application which can
+be used to monitor for particular values on the attached device pins, and
+output an appropriate error code on match. Repeat the above with a trailing
+``--help`` for info.
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