Bus error with latest release (0.17)

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I have a very stable setup with Ubuntu 16.04 running readonly from a USB drive. I install an environment including libftdi (via apt) and pylibftdi (via pip) from a script. Today the setup did not work, and I noticed that the new release of pylibftdi (0.17) was released today. The error message is simply "Bus error". Rolling back to was not enough, but changing the installer script to install by default, then rebooting and starting from scratch did work.

Device: Adafruit FT232H breakout board

Anyone else experiencing the same?


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  1. Ben Bass repo owner

    Sorry about this - part of the design decisions around pylibftdi (pure Python, architecture independence, not needing the libftdi library headers) seem to be causing issues around 32 bit / 64 bit which I've (so-far) tried to overcome by using lowest-common-denominator rather than detecting explicitly and special casing. Also I don't currently have a 32 bit Linux to test - though I could always create a VM to test.

    Two questions then please:

    • What is the output of python -m pylibftdi.examples.info ?
    • Is your system 32 bit / 64 bit? Or a hybrid (e.g. 64 bit kernel with 32 bit libraries)?

    Also, can you try adding auto_detach=False when instantiating the device and see if that fixes it please?

  2. Full Name

    Hi, op here.

    One week later, I cannot reproduce the issue. It must have been a fluke. Sorry for the noise.

    I use pylibftdi in my research, and it makes my life a lot easier. Thank you for making this!

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