pylibftdi to FT4232-HQ to I2C

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Saili Desai
created an issue

I am trying to use pylibftdi to talk to a FTDI chip: FT4232-HQ. The FTDI chip talks to voltage/current monitor ICs via I2C (The FTDI chip has MPSEE support). Can I use pylibftdi to talk to/ read voltage values from theses voltage/ current monitors? If yes then will that be possible via the Device class or do I have to use the Bitbang class?

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  1. Ben Bass repo owner

    Hi Saili, currently pylibftdi doesn't have any support for MPSSE functionality.

    I'm hoping to support I2C (whether with the FTx232H series or FT201x series) in a later release, but no definite timeframe at this point.

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