Add the image of each Blog post to Slack message

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we have configured integration between Confluence and Slack. A Slack message has posted when a new Confluence Blog entry has been created. That's great, but we are wondering if the Blog Post image (if there is one) can be posted in a Slack message as the same as Blog Post title and creator

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  1. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We just evaluated how this could be implemented. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that we'd need to resolve:

    • There is no "image" field for a blog-post, but we could just take the first image in the blog-post's content.
    • The image is not publicly accessible which is required to attach it to a Slack notification. We'd have to host the image somewhere so Slack could access it when the notification is sent while making sure that nobody else can access it. This could potentially be in violation to the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use, section 3d, which we'd have to check with Atlassian.

    Are you using the cloud or server version of the add-on?

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