Issue #17 resolved
Martin Butt
created an issue

I'm having the same issue reported by Robert Hafner on your reviews page ( "Changes made to the configuration after the initial configuration are silently discarded and ignored."

I first added a slack channel to an entire space. This was creating too much noise, so I blanked out the channel name in the settings and saved it. After that the notifications stopped.

Then when I added a different channel to a specific page, the original channel was sent the updates, instead of the new one. I've search everywhere in the settings for the original channel name, but it isn't in the settings anywhere. So posts are being sent to the wrong channel, but only on updates to the single page I added it to.

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  1. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    Thanks for your report @Martin Butt ! Sorry about the problems, we'll do everything we can to get them resolved!

    We found your configuration and you currently have 2 pages configured with channels #...-project0 and #...-project1. We can see in our logs that we sent notifications to another channel #...-pdq before, but stopped sending them on August 20th. The only other notifications were sent yesterday to the project0 and project1 channels.

    Does that match with what you've experienced? If not, please let me know which page you're editing, where you expect a notification and which channel it's actually being sent to.

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation!

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