Notification on user mention do not display as aexpected / cannont be customized

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franck coppolani
created an issue


we are testing the notification on mentionning (issue ) The first issue is that we cannot change the layout of the message sent : I changed it for space notification and it works fine but is doesn't change notification format for mention. 2018-12-05_11h30_37.png

Is there a way of changing this format in Confluence ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Server version at 5.9.13 Confluence serveur 6.12.2 We are note using slack but

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  1. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    Hi Frank,

    thanks for your continued feedback!

    Since the user notifications use a different layout, they aren't currently changed if you change the layout in the General Configuration.

    Could you please provide an example how you would like to adjust those notifications? Then we can think about solutions how we can offer to change the layout for user notifications as well.

  2. franck coppolani reporter

    Hi, thanks for your fast anwer. We would like to have the name of the space and a link to the page (metionning o task). It would look like : You were mentioned | You were added to a task in Space ${spaceTitle} "title": "${pageTitle}", "title_link": "${pageUrl}"

    The idea would be to have a much simpler presentation and shorter messages (in rocketchat the display of the link is a bit long)

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