Suppress notifications to Slack if pages are created or updated with viewing restrictions.

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Using server addon v5.9.14, we have a webhook to notify of page updates in a Confluence space to a specific channel, which works fine.

Some users prefer to create restricted pages within the space whilst they draft them, and then unrestrict (and share) them once complete.

Unfortunately, the plugin posts announcements to Slack even for pages with restricted access in Confluence, which causes users to click on the link and then complain that they don't have access to the page. It makes a simple workflow preference seem like something shady :)

I would recommend adding an option (or, arguably, default behaviour) that if the restrictions on a page are set to "Viewing Restrictions", then the Slack notification is suppressed.

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  1. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    @BenStevenson thanks a lot for your enhancement request!

    We'll look into this within the next 1-2 weeks and will keep you posted if we can provide a solution in the near future.

    Happy holidays - talk soon!

  2. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    @BenStevenson we just investigated how we could implement this and have a few open questions - maybe you can help us clarify those?

    Since there are Space permissions and Page permissions, we're wondering if both would be necessary to be taken into account. Space permissions are somewhat tricky to handle and we'd like to leave them out since you can easily configure Slack for Confluence for each Space individually and would then expect all updates to be sent to the channels configured on that Space.

    For Page permissions, we'd offer a setting in the Global configuration if we should send a notification if any "View" restrictions have been made on a Page. I.e. if not all users can view a Page according to its Page permissions, Slack for Confluence would not send a notification.

    How does that sound?

  3. Ben Stevenson

    I agree with your comments re: Space permissions and that is exactly how we've set it up: we map notifications from Space to Channel so anyone accessing the channel should have permissions in the space anyway.

    I think your suggestion sounds good and it would certainly cover our specific use case entirely.

    Thanks very much for looking into this so promptly.

  4. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    @BenStevenson thanks a lot for your fast response!

    We just released version 5.9.15 that allows you to disable notifications for pages with view restrictions. You can disable them in the global configuration:


    Let me know if this meets your needs or if you have any other ideas for us. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  5. Ben Stevenson

    @benromberg I've updated and tested it and it does exactly as we need. Thanks once again for the speedy support.

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