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Reanal Em
created an issue

Hello Support Team,

I am having issue with webhook configuration. It throws an error: "The following error(s) occurred: Could not send test message to Webhook URL, please try with a new Slack Incoming Webhook." I regenerated a new webhook but still ended with same result.

Confluence Server: 6.10.1 Confluence for Slack version5.9.15

Thanks, Reanal

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  1. Ben Romberg [codefortynine]

    @Reanal Em thanks for your message!

    We just tested the webhook URL and it seems to be valid. The issue is probably within your network where your Confluence Server is running. Maybe a firewall is blocking the request or a proxy server needs to be configured.

    See to configure a proxy.

    You can also add "com.madein49.slackconfluence" to inspect the logs from the addon to debug the issue further: server-enable-logs.png

    Please let me know if you could resolve the issue or if you need further assistance.

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