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Ben Romberg [codefortynine]
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There have been customers asking Slack for Confluence to support Confluence Questions. It looks like this would be possible by polling the Questions REST API for both Server and Cloud versions of the plugin, but it would require a nontrivial amount of effort to implement.

We envision it could post notifications on new questions and answers, being configurable just like the other updates (Pages/Blogposts/Comments) are already.

This issue serves to collect interest from customers that would be interested in this feature. Please let us know in the comments if you'd be using the plugin long-term if it had Confluence Questions support and which version you're using (server/cloud).

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  1. Ben Romberg [codefortynine] reporter

    We're currently researching this feature. We're assuming that most customers would probably want to configure different channels for notifications from questions and answers than, for example, for page or blogpost updates.

    Let us know if you have any thoughts on this or other requirements.

  2. Ben Romberg [codefortynine] reporter

    @Felix Rabe thanks for the suggestion!

    We've just released Questions for Confluence support for the cloud version, including the possibility to filter notifications for certain labels (for pages/blogposts) or topics (for questions).

    We're now starting to work on the server version. Unfortunately it's a completely separate implementation and we can't reuse most of the code from the cloud version, but we'll try to keep feature parity between both versions.

  3. Ben Romberg [codefortynine] reporter

    Good news everyone! We've just released Slack for Confluence 5.9_1 for the server version of Confluence, now supporting Slack notifications for questions! We had to increase the minimum supported Confluence version from 5.6 to 5.9, which should only affect a small fraction of Slack for Confluence customers.

    Now that the cloud and server versions are even again we'll also update the documentation within the next days before closing this issue.

    We hope this update serves all your Slack notification needs for Confluence. Let us know if you have any other ideas or encounter any issues with the latest update.

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