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Shows how to fire an NSAlert window, and how to capture the user's response

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+class FireAlertWindow
+	#-- Goal: Simple demo class to demonstrate how to throw an NSalert window
+	#---- with both an "ok" and a "cancel" button. 
+	#-- just three accessors, for the alert title, info text and the return value.
+	attr_accessor :alert_text, :title, :return_value
+	#-- a basic initializer to wrap all this all up.
+	def initialize(alert_text, title)
+		@alert_text = alert_text
+		@title = title
+		fire_alert nil
+	end
+  def fire_alert sender
+  	#-- This method both sets up and displays the alert.
+  	#-- we want to ensure that we have a message 
+  	if (@alert_text.stringValue.nil? || @alert_text.stringValue == "")
+  		@alert_text.stringValue =  "I am an alert box, you forgot to give me text!"
+  	end
+    #-- and a title
+    if (@title.stringValue.nil? || @title.stringValue == "") 
+	    @title.stringValue = "Default Title"
+	  end
+    #-- this sets up the alert object
+    alert = NSAlert.alertWithMessageText(@title.stringValue, #first argument is the title, as a string! not an object.
+                                         defaultButton: "OK", #sets the text label of the default button *** return Const 1 ***
+                                         alternateButton: "Cancel", #sets the text label of the alternate (normally cancel) button *** return Const 0 ***
+                                         otherButton: nil, #You can set yet a third button here. *** return Const -1 ***
+                                         informativeTextWithFormat: @alert_text.stringValue) # This is the informative text 
+    @return_value = alert.runModal #this captures the constant integer value of which button the user selected.
+  end
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