RubyKoans Plugin

The RubyKoans plugin enables you to run the test suite for RubyKoans from within Sublime Text. This enables you to quickly fly through the koans since it eliminates the need to switch between applications.


You can install RubyKoans two ways.

Package Control

If you have the Package Control Plugin you just need to add as a repository and then install the package:

  1. open up the command palette (ctrl+shift+p)
  2. type in "Add Repository", select "Control Package: Add Repository"
  3. an input field will display at the bottom of the SublimeText editor, enter in and press [Enter]
  4. SublimeText will add the repository, once it's done bring up the Command Palette again.
  5. type in "Install Package", select "Package Control: Install Package"
  6. a new dialog will display after a few moments, start typing "RubyKoans", the RubyKoans plugin will appear in the list
  7. select the RubyKoans package and it will be installed!

Package Control has the most steps but it also allows you to update any plugins as they are modified in their source repositories.


  • Download a .zip of the source for RubyKoans and put it in your packages directory

On windows, your packages directory is usually in C:\users\{username}\appdata\roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages.

Configuring Key Bindings for RubyKoans

Adding key bindings for the RubyKoans plugin is pretty simple, you just need to know which bindings are free. On my system I've used ctrl+alt+r mostly because nothing else was using it.

All key bindings in Sublime Text execute plugin commands, so creating a new one for RubyKoans is a pretty simple process. In the menu select Preferences\Key Bindings - Default, then on a new line after the first [, enter the code below:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+r"], "command": "koan" },