Windows crash using DLL

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Windows 7 Qt 5.6.1 MSVC 15

I'm using QsLog as a dynamic lib, but cannot seem to make it work without crashing. I've now simplified my use case down to the bare minimum (basically the same as the Examples), and the app still crashes as soon as you log the first message.

Specifically, the first message is logged (both in the Debug output and to a File output), then the app crashes afterwards. Given that everything compiles, runs and these messages are sent, I assume I have imported the binaries and headers correctly.

Curiously this only happens when using the built binaries though - if I switch my .pro to include your .pri file, everything works perfectly.

You mentioned in your blog post of April 26th ( that "One issue that's still open is a crash reported on Windows when using QsLog as DLL", is this the same issue?

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