Josh VanderLinden avatar Josh VanderLinden committed 5a22a3c

Replacing a bunch of files with a ready-made tarball

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 # Maintainer: Josh VanderLinden <>
 pkgdesc="Easily create tunnels, reverse tunnels, and SOCKS proxies"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/autotunnel"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/autotunnel.ini"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/autotunnel.service"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/autotunnel@.service"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/default.conf"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/LICENSE"
-  "${pkgname}/raw/master/README.rst"
+  "${pkgname}/get/master.tar.gz"
-         '1e407b30a1305bfb1389f037586c2e6d'
-         'a6a943a637fa4d9d3f1be51db64bb5b4'
-         'aad0b9183b82d9f794136fbb3b19e256'
-         '5d7daaad1af59c464d8f0fb987060fd8'
-         '3637e4bc5d9c81724e06c9b723568952'
-         '5e28f03874fde283755cfebe8d64f694')
 package() {
+  tar zxf master.tar.gz
+  cd codekoala-autotunnel-*/
   mkdir -p ${pkgdir}/etc/autotunnel.d
   mkdir -p ${pkgdir}/usr/local/bin
   mkdir -p ${pkgdir}/usr/lib/systemd/system
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