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Trying to get the desktop repo back in sync

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 APP_TITLE = 'Clip2Zeus'
 __author__ = 'Josh VanderLinden'
-__version__ = '1.2a'
+__version__ = '1.3a'


         if self.last_check is None or now - self.last_check > self.threshold:
-                urllib2.urlopen('')
+      '')
             except (urllib2.HTTPError, urllib2.URLError):
                 self._has_connection = False
           ' - %s' % url)
-                    c = urllib2.urlopen('', params)
+                    c ='', params)
                 except (urllib2.HTTPError, urllib2.URLError):
                     # do something?
                     update_data = False


 from SimpleXMLRPCServer import SimpleXMLRPCServer
 import logging
 import socket
+import urllib2
+from clip2zeus import __version__
+USER_AGENT = 'Clip2Zeus %s' % __version__
+UrlOpener = urllib2.build_opener()
+UrlOpener.addheaders = [
+    ('User-agent', USER_AGENT),
 # Utilities
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