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fixed unicode error with saving user_agent information

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         # create some useful variables
         ip_address = utils.get_ip(request)
-        user_agent = request.META.get('HTTP_USER_AGENT', '')[:255]
+        user_agent = unicode(request.META.get('HTTP_USER_AGENT', '')[:255], errors='ignore')
         # retrieve untracked user agents from cache
         ua_key = '_tracking_untracked_uas'
         # see if the user agent is not supposed to be tracked
         for ua in untracked:
             # if the keyword is found in the user agent, stop tracking
-            if unicode(user_agent, errors='ignore').find(ua.keyword) != -1:
+            if user_agent.find(ua.keyword) != -1:
                 log.debug('Not tracking UA "%s" because of keyword: %s' % (user_agent, ua.keyword))
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