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Initial Commit Fails With No ~/.hgrc

Josh VanderLinden
repo owner created an issue

When setting up a brand new HgBlog on a system that had never been used for Mercurial, the initial commit to the repo failed because there was no ~/.hgrc file that included the username value.

Perhaps try to automatically create this file if it doesn't exist yet.

Comments (2)

  1. Jakukyo Friel

    I think this shouldn't be solved by hg-blog. If you use hg-blog, chances are like you are already familiar with hg, or at least, have some experiences before.

    Also, hg's waring message is user-friendly:

    abort: no username supplied (see "hg help config")

    So I think hg-blog doesn't need to handle this issue.

  2. Josh VanderLinden reporter

    Yes, I believe you're right. I suppose I should just mention it in the README for those who are not yet acquainted with Mercurial and are using HgBlog as their introduction to the system.

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