Josh VanderLinden committed 3c70afe

Adding an ignores file and updating the script with the proper command name. I also fixed it so it would be able to clone -U.

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+syntax: glob
 from random import random
 import hg
 import os
+import sys
 def neclone(ui, source, dest='.', **opts):
     """Clones a Mercurial repository into a non-empty directory"""
     # clone the repo
-    commands.clone(ui, source, tmp_dest, update=False, **opts)
+    opts['noupdate'] = True
+    commands.clone(ui, source, tmp_dest, **opts)
     # move the cloned repo to the appropriate location
     os.rename(os.path.join(tmp_dest, '.hg'), final_dest)
 commands.norepo += " neclone"
 cmdtable = {
-    'ngclone': (neclone, [] , "hg neclone SOURCE [DEST]")
+    'neclone': (neclone, 
+    commands.table['^clone'][1], 
+    commands.table['^clone'][2])