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releasing pysphere 0.1.7

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 - Added VIMor class
 - Multithread support
-Roadmap for in 0.1.7
+New in 0.1.7
 - Advanced filters parameter in VIServer.get_registered_vms
 - Set connection sockets timeout (works only since python 2.6)
 .. _project:
-**Among other operations, this api allows the user to:**
+**Among other operations, PySphere provides easy interfaces to:**
 - Connect to VMWare's ESX, ESXi, Virtual Center, Virtual Server hosts 
 - Query hosts, datacenters, resource pools, virtual machines
 - VMs: Power on, power off, reset, revert to snapshot, get properties, update 
-  vmware tools
+  vmware tools, clone, migrate.
 - vSphere 5.0 Guest Operations: create/delete/move files and directories.
   upload/download files from the guest system. List/start/stop processes in 
   the guest system.
 - Create and delete snapshots
 - Get hosts statistics and monitor performance
+An of course, you can use it to access all the vSphere API through python.
 It's built upon a slightly modified version of ZSI_ (that comes bundled-in) 
 which makes it really fast in contrast to other python SOAP libraries that don't
 provide code generation.
 >>> print vm.get_status()
+Discussion Group
+You can find many more examples and use cases in the `discussion group`_
+.. _discussion group:
-Copyright (c) 2011, Sebastian Tello
+Copyright (c) 2012, Sebastian Tello
 All rights reserved.
 Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without


 # Do not edit. Auto generated
-version = (0, 1, 6)
+version = (0, 1, 7)
     from distutils.core import setup
-VERSION = (0, 1, 6)
+VERSION = (0, 1, 7)
 if __name__ == "__main__":
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