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Fix #26: VIVirtualMachine.send_file() gratuitiosly overwrites urllib2's installed default opener
Added rename, reload, and destroy methods to VIManagedEntity
releasing pysphere 0.1.7
Added basic logic to perform composite perf queries (needs more development)
added parameters to VIVirtualMachine.relocate method
fixes #20
store main VIProperty object for snapshot
added relocate binding to vm provided by Chris Dituri
adde optional host parameter to VIVirtualMachine.clone method
fixed wrong time type validation in performance manager, thanks lephino
fixex #15 - replace time.clock() for time.time()
skipping 'current' interval validation
Added VITaskHistoryCollector class
add set_extra_settings method to VIVirtualMachine to configure advanced options. See
ignoring power_on parameter if template=True when cloning a VM
Implements #6
- Add get_api_type method to VIServer
Fixes #11
added interval parameter missing on previous commit
added support for historical metrics in performance manager
set socket timeout (works only since python 2.6)
Advanced filters parameter in VIServer.get_registered_vms
renamed __get_managed_objects_dict to _get_managed_objects, so it is easier to access it
added counter_key attribute for EntityStatistics objects (see
Prepare release 0.1.6
Changed get_entity_counters returned dictionary keys, from NameInfoKey to GroupInfoKey.NameInfoKey to avoid missing results due to duplicate names.
added template parameter to VIVirtualMachine.clone() #it was hardcoded
Multithreading (needs more testing)
added memory and quiesce parameters to create_snapshot
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