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Fix #482: Docs on meta freezing

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 Note that you can only access models that have been frozen; South automatically
 includes anything that could be reaches via foreign keys or many-to-many
 relationships, but if you want to add other models in, simply pass ``--freeze appname``
-to the ``./ datamigration`` command.
+to the ``./ datamigration`` command.
+Frozen Meta Attributes
+As well as freezing fields (for which South has a whole slew of rules on
+what to freeze - see :ref:`extending-introspection`), it also freezes certain
+meta attributes of a model (the ones which we think will have an impact on the
+table schema or your frozen ORM use).
+Currently, South freezes::
+ db_table
+ db_tablespace
+ unique_together
+ ordering
+If there's something else you think should be frozen in the Meta, but which
+isn't, file a bug and we'll look into it.
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