Andrew Godwin avatar Andrew Godwin committed dcb4309

Removing a few unused variables.

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         print " ! Migration %s:%s probably doesn't exist." % (get_app_name(app), name)
         print " - Traceback:"
-    except Exception, e:
+    except Exception:
         print "While loading migration '%s.%s':" % (get_app_name(app), name)


         Test = db.mock_model(model_name='Test', db_table='test5a',
                              db_tablespace='', pk_field_name='ID',
                              pk_field_type=models.AutoField, pk_field_args=[])
-        cursor = connection.cursor()
         db.create_table("test5a", [('ID', models.AutoField(verbose_name='ID', primary_key=True, auto_created=True))])
         db.create_table("test5b", [
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