Josh VanderLinden committed a99bfac

Trying to avoid sending notices for messages posted by the actual user

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 # Maintainer: Josh VanderLinden <>
 pkgdesc="Deliver message notifications to remote machines"


         chat = buffer_name(buf)
+        server = get(buf, 'localvar_server').strip()
+        channel = get(buf, 'localvar_channel').strip()
+        my_nick = weechat.info_get('irc_nick', server).strip()
+        prefix = prefix.strip()
         send = False
         event = None
             event = 'message'
             send = chat in track
-        if send:
+        # don't notify about messages that the user said
+        if send and prefix != my_nick:
                 'event': event,
                 'user': prefix,
                 'chat': chat,
                 'msg': msg,
+                'server': server,
+                'channel': channel,
+                'my_nick': my_nick,
         return OK
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