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Large file size?

Anonymous created an issue

Is there a way to reduce the file size of the output PDF? Perhaps by changing some settings in the cups-pdf.conf file?

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  1. Anonymous

    Ditto. If I print a document from word 2007 on Windows XP using the CutePDF I get a 283Kb PDF file. If I use cups-pdf I get a 8.3M PDF file for the same document. Pretty much makes this unusable.

    If I save as PDF from word or print and select "save as PDF" in the print dialog I get a 1.6M PDF file.

  2. Anonymous

    This seems to be an actual problem with CUPS-PDF. A single document, containing only two large .jpeg images approximately 3.1 Mbytes each, gives:

    Mac OS X 10.6.8 Preview App (Print -> Save as PDF): filesize 6.2 Mbytes

    CUPS-PDF: filesize 77.7 Mbytes

  3. Anonymous

    ditto to all above, am writing pdfs through cups-pdf and using the ADPDF9.PPD in snowleopard from CS5 indesign and illustrator, totally works which is awesome (only way i've found so far to print to a flattened postscript pdf for commercial print output) but yea getting massive output files, eg a windows print to pdf of the same file nets 40mb whilst the cups-pdf on mac nets 1.15GB... any ideas?

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