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Issue #34 resolved


Ruben Tomasov
created an issue

//I was able to print to pdf using CUPS-PDF during pre-historical, Mac OS X 10.4.11 times, before my old PPC iMac G5 died and I was forced to get an intel-based iMac.

I am able to save as pdf, but the procedure is not as straightforward as using CUPS-PDF.

About a year ago BDAqua at apple discussions suggested I try this:

http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/29368 Unzipping... CUPS-PDF Will give you the Installer Package... CUPS-PDF After installing it should show in Add Printers.//

I didn't even have to unzip it, it came in as a .pkg After installation, I was able to add it to the printer list and use CUPS-PDF printing smoothly.

But, diamonds are not forever and it looks as CUPS-PDF printing is no longer possible in Snow Leopard, or is it?

I installed it on OS X 10.6.8; the installation went fine but there is no CUPS-PDF printer in the printer list, nor can it be added because the OS X doesn't even try to find it. There is a folder "CUPS-PDF" in the shared folder, but it does not contain anything.

Will greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. Regards,

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  1. Anonymous

    I meant thanks to Ruben Tomasov for above re: where to find CUPS-PDF pkg which is Tiger/PPC compatible - Mac os x 10.4.11

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