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Issue #44 resolved

Can't find documents

Anonymous created an issue

I followed your instructions to locate files (/users/shared/cusp-pdf) but this folder does not exist on my computer. Can I designate the source another way? ie. choose a download folder? -Elizabeth

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  1. Anonymous

    The folder name is /Users/shared/cups-pdf

    You can also look in /private/var/spool/cups-pdf (this the actual directory, the previous path is a symlink)

  2. giantrobot

    Appears that in Lion, there is no /Users/Shared folder? I see /Users/Public

    As you say, the files are in /private/var/spool/cups-pdf

    This is a "hidden" folder to Finder; to visit it, switch to Finder and hit ⌘⇧-G (Menu "Go => "Go to Folder"), then enter "/private/var/spool/cups-pdf" in the path dialog.

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