CUPS-PDF for Mac OS X / CUPS-PDF.pmdoc / 02generic-contents.xml

<pkg-contents spec="1.12"><f n="Generic Color Postscript PPD" o="ahknight" g="ahknight" p="16877" pt="/Volumes/Code/Personal/cups-pdf-for-mac-os-x/installer-root/Generic Color Postscript PPD" m="true" t="file"><f n="usr" o="root" g="wheel" p="16877"><f n="share" o="root" g="wheel" p="16877"><f n="cups" o="root" g="wheel" p="16877"><f n="model" o="root" g="wheel" p="16877"><f n="PostscriptColor.ppd" o="root" g="wheel" p="33188"><mod>mode</mod></f></f></f></f></f></f></pkg-contents>
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