CUPS-PDF for Mac OS X / src / contrib / Contents

This directory contains software that was contributed by various users to 
CUPS-PDF. It enhances functionality or supports the setup of CUPS-PDF on
different platforms.

As far as not explicitly stated otherwise in the respective directories all
of the contributed software is distributed under the same license as 

Currently the following contributions are available:

* SELinux-HOWTO by Doc Walker <doc at>
    A collection of scripts and documentation on how to set up CUPS-PDF in a
    SELinux environment (e.g. FC4 or FC5)
  Remi Collet <> provided a new .te file with v2.4.8

* pstitleiconv by Nickolay Kondrashov <>
    This filter allows conversion of character encoding in PS files for 
    processing by CUPS-PDF. This will allow international characters in
    filenames when printing from Windows clients.

* cups-pdf-dispatch by Nickolay Kondrashov <>
    An elaborate postprocessing script for CUPS-PDF that allows sending mails 
    with the created PDFs to users.
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