1. Adam Knight
  2. CUPS-PDF for Mac OS X


CUPS-PDF for Mac OS X / src-2.5.0 / contrib / cups-pdf-dispatch-0.1 / README


CUPS-PDF-DISPATCH is a postprocessing script for cups-pdf.


Copy cups-pdf-dispatch to your favorite binaries directory (/usr/local/bin is a
good choice).
Copy cups-pdf-dispatch.conf template to /etc/cups directory (or modify
cups-pdf-dispatch to use your location).

Modify copied cups-pdf-dispatch.conf to suit your needs (look there for
Set PostProcessing option in cups-pdf.conf (usually located at
/etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf) to location of the cups-pdf-dispatch script (f.e.


The main I18N obstacle, when making PDF's from postscript output, is the
document titles - they are usually specified in client's machine charset.
Cups-pdf uses postscript title to construct PDF filename when job filename is
not available (or if you specify to use them preferably).  PSTITLEICONV was
made to take care of converting title encoding. You could get it from the
contrib directory of cups-pdf package.


It's a bit "overengineered", but it works. For instance, messages may need to
be localized, instead of providing the ability to change them in the conffile.
Additionaly, there must be a more elegant way to allow fetching of user
info/e-mail from arbitrary sources (may be just use some generic source?). If
you have any hints/bugfixes/improvements, please, don't hesitate to contact me.


Nickolay Kondrashov