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Adrien Ledeul created an issue

Dear Luis,

I am working with your component, and I have a small question.

Is there any way to change this behavior: > Additional Functionality

"The library provides specific feedback to signal that the current editor's contents hide all the table rows, by displaying the editors text with a specific color (warning color). With instant filtering, this warning is only set on the current editor, and implies that the filter is not applied unless the user specifically presses the Enter key or moves the focus away. This behaviour is helpful to avoid sudden vanishing of the table rows if the user enters some wrong character during the edition."

so that even if the filter does not return any row the table is updated anyway?

Thank you in advance,


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  1. coderazzi coderazzi repo owner

    Solved in version 5.4.0 There is now a new new setting - allowInstantVanishing- to enable, for instant filtering, the immediate update of the table even if all rows would vanish when the current filter is applied. By default, it is set to false, providing the same behaviour as in previous versions.

  2. Adrien Ledeul reporter

    Thanks a lot! Sorry for the long delay, I tried today but I did not managed to make it work: Is this the correct way to use it?:

        filterHeader = new TableFilterHeader(this);

    Thank you Adrien

  3. coderazzi coderazzi repo owner

    Hi, Adrien. The correct setting is updated by calling filterHeader.setHidePopupOnTableUpdates(); My bad, as I had mentioned myself setAllowedInstantVanishing. However, please note that you should not need to call setHidePopupOnTableUpdates, as the new default behavior is precisely to NOT hide the popups, so please let me know your findings.

    Best, L.

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