Please add a base class for MD5-hashed indexes

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As far as I've seen from the docs, hashing by MD5 is the most common method for indexing strings.

Please provide a MD5HashIndex class or a mix-in. The code is already there in the CodernityDB documentation.

BTW: Why are many of the examples there are using hexdigest while (binary) digest would suffice?

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  1. Codernity repo owner

    Yes definitely hashing with md5 is quite frequently used method of creating key/value pairs.

    The problem with some kind of mix-in would be that you would still need to implement make_key and make_key_value yourself, because you have to specify a key. If you want to have "simple" md5 index, then just use like:

    name = Test
    type = HashIndex
    key_format = 16s

    And you're right about hexdigest vs digest. But as you can see in our internal things we use digest, so it's just a documentation error (will be fixed though), but there are 2 examples of hexdigest while rest of them uses digest.

    Does it suits you ?

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