Queue over CodernityDB?

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Andres Riancho
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At this page it says CodernityDB will be used to build a Queue: "Message Queue system (single guaranteed delivery with confirmation)" was that ever done? Docs? Source?

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  1. codernity repo owner

    Nothing yet. If you're interested I can send you some "experimental" codes.

    ( sorry for sucha a late reply, something bad happened to notifications...)

  2. Bino Oetomo

    Well ....

    Actualy, i'm starting to write 'storage driver' for SnakeMQ.

    But, unfortunately this is also my first time on No-SQL key-value database world.

    So, kindly please tell me how to do kind like "SELECT queue_name FROM items GROUP BY queue_name" in CodernityDB.



  3. codernity repo owner

    @Bino Oetomo

    For your use case, probably the best would be one index per 'queue_name', or even one DB object (so with _id index only) per queue.

    CodernityDB Database is kind of container for indexes (or indices if you prefer that name). It has one mandatory _id index. Everything have to be there. Then you can add secondary indexes, that will allow you to separate different things from each other (but they will still be in _id index). Please take look at: http://labs.codernity.com/codernitydb/database_indexes.html#tables-collections it should explain this to you.

    But if your message (i think so) is not related at all to other message, it might be good for you to create database per queue, it will have less overhead, and then you can use _id index directly.

    Please take also look at: http://labs.codernity.com/codernitydb/design.html it will explain some details to you probably.

    In case of questions you can contact us directly via db at codernity.com

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