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CodernityDB pure python, fast, NoSQL database

CodernityDB is opensource, pure Python (no 3rd party dependency), fast (50 000 insert and 100 000 get operations per second, check :ref:`speed` if you don't believe in words), multi platform, schema-less, NoSQL database.


You can also call it a more advanced key-value database, with multiple key-values indexes in the same engine (for sure it's not "simple key/value store"). Also CodernityDB supports functions that are executed inside database. It has optional support for HTTP server version (|CodernityDB-HTTP-link|), and also Python client library (|CodernityDB-PyClient-link|) that aims to be 100% compatible with embedded version.

And it's Apache 2.0 licensed !

Key features


Because CodernityDB is pure Python you need to perform standard installation for Python applications:

pip install CodernityDB

or using easy_install:

easy_install CodernityDB

or from sources:

hg clone ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/codernity/codernitydb
cd codernitydb
python setup.py install

Contribute & Bugs & Requests

CodernityDB is one of projects developed and released by Codernity, so you can contact us directly in any case via db@codernity.com.

Do you want to contribute? Great! Then just fork our repository (|cdb_repo|) on Bitbucket and do a pull request. It can't be more easy!

To fill a bug please also use Bitbucket.


In case of any problems, feature request you can also contact us directly.

Do you want customized version of CodernityDB ? No problem, just contact us.

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