CDSParticleFilter implements a simple particle filter in Objective C, for use on iOS or OSX platforms. It includes a simple particle filter, as well as CDSXYParticleFilter, a 2-dimensional state (X-Y) particle filter with more defaults set up that's simpler to use.

CDSParticleFilter is still in beta. Please submit any bugs or feature requests at

Quick Instructions

Add the files to your project

You can download the files and add the contents of the Source directory directly or use CocoaPods by adding this line to your podfile:

pod 'CDSParticleFilter', :git => ''

Instantiate a particle filter

For example, to instantiate the 2-d particle filter, this line will create this filter with 250 particles and a state space of -100 <= x <= 100 and -100 <= y <= 100. The initial particles will be randomly/uniformly distributed across the state space and the filter will apply gaussian noise with σ = noiseSigma each time the particles are resampled.

CDSXYParticleFilter* myparticleFilter = [[CDSXYParticleFilter alloc] initWithParticleCount:250 minX:-100.0 maxX:100.0 minY:-100.0 maxY:100 noiseSigma:0.10];

Implement the particle filter delegate

The delegate methods will be called to allow you to apply motion to each particle and weight each particle for resampling selection.

Call the methods to iterate the filter

In your code, make calls to applyMotion and applyMeasurements: in turn. After each call to applyMeasurements:, the filter will normalize the particle weights and resample/regenerate particles.

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