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fixed issue with escaping < and > in changeset commits

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 - fixed #390 cache invalidation problems on repos inside group
 - fixed #385 clone by ID url was loosing proxy prefix in URL
 - fixed some unicode problems with waitress
+- fixed issue with escaping < and > in changeset commits
 1.3.3 (**2012-03-02**)


 def urlify_changesets(text_, repository):
+    """
+    Extract revision ids from changeset and make link from them
+    :param text_:
+    :param repository:
+    """
     import re
     URL_PAT = re.compile(r'([0-9a-fA-F]{12,})')
     import re
     import traceback
-    # urlify changesets
-    text_ = urlify_changesets(text_, repository)
+    def escaper(string):
+        return string.replace('<', '&lt;').replace('>', '&gt;')
     def linkify_others(t, l):
         urls = re.compile(r'(\<a.*?\<\/a\>)',)
         links = []
         return ''.join(links)
+    # urlify changesets - extrac revisions and make link out of them
+    text_ = urlify_changesets(escaper(text_), repository)
         conf = config['app_conf']
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