RhodeCode / docs / usage / git_support.rst

GIT support

Git support in RhodeCode 1.3 was enabled by default. Although There are some limitations on git usage.

  • No hooks are runned for git push/pull actions.
  • logs in action journals don't have git operations
  • large pushes needs http server with chunked encoding support.

if you plan to use git you need to run RhodeCode with some http server that supports chunked encoding which git http protocol uses, i recommend using waitress or gunicorn (linux only) for paste wsgi app replacement.

To use waitress simply change change the following in the .ini file:

use = egg:Paste#http


use = egg:waitress#main

And comment out bellow options:

threadpool_workers =
threadpool_max_requests =
use_threadpool =

You can simply run paster serve as usual.

You can always disable git/hg support by editing a file rhodecode/ and commenting out backends

    'hg': 'Mercurial repository',
    #'git': 'Git repository',
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