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GoldShovel by @codydbgt NA is a remake of the original Grief prevention plugin made by bigscary and fucked up by the rest. time to do it right :) and make it open so any one can make changes.


like any plugin remake unfamiliarity is the cause for hate so we will want feed back as much as posable.

key: []=alases #=argument {}=optional arguments 
  • /trust[t] #name - trust a player on your claim. this will add him to the trust group
  • /untrust[ut] #name - untrust a player - will revoke all permission on the claim your standing in
  • /unclaim[remove,delete,abandoned] - deletes a claim
  • /claims - will list all of your claims

  • /claim[c] - will show all command help for the following commands + claim info if your in a claim :)

    • /claim remove[/c r] {claim-name} - removes the your standing in or the one specified

    • /claim name[/c n] #{claim-name} set the claim name your standing in or the one specified

    • /claim sethome[/c sh] sets the home position in the claim your in
    • /claim home[/c h] #claim-name - tp's you to the claims home if you have perms

/claim perm add #flag #username or a group to add a gorup add a semicolen after a group identifier eg F:ntg for Faction ntg

/claim perm [del,delete.remove] #flag #username or group

/claim tp #claimUUID not for player use /claims and click

/claim [remove,delete,del] removes the claim your in

/claim saveclaims save all claims to ram /claim save save all data to disk /goldshovel reload reload all data WARNING loss of all unsaved

/goldshovel import gp imports Grefprevention claims both plugins need to be on the server

/goldshovel import factions imports factions and claims

/goldshoel import towny imports towny claims and towns

/goldshovel import WorldGuard

/goldshovel [tool,wand] gives a gold shovel

  • /perms[gperms]
  • /perm[gperm] - will list the perms for the claim your in or
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