Updated LayoutItemsSetter breaks the old ones

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Issue #34 resolved
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It used to be that I can use the layout element for the references in the setter. It broke and I figured out that the new update uses transform of the object instead. May worth updating your Kill Stuff example to match that.

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  1. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Thanks for your bug report!

    The ItemsSetters changed indeed. By using a Transform reference instead of a specific mono behaviour they are much more versatile.

    The Kill Stuff example contains already a stripped version of Data Bind (https://bitbucket.org/coeing/kill-stuff/src/24e418b350dc/Source/KillStuff.Unity/Assets/Slash.Unity.DataBind/?at=master) so there should be no problems.

    Is your bug report about updating the Kill Stuff example or having a way that the old LayoutItemsSetters update themselves automatically to work with the new version?

  2. Christian Oeing repo owner

    As I didn't get any update from the reporter I close the issue. If it should still exist feel free to comment and I will reopen the issue.

  3. Maxim Kamalov

    Hi. I encountered this too, just spent couple of hours figuring out why my "listbox" doesn't work while example "listbox" works perfectly. It turns out that I need to choose Transform after dragging layout group to the Reference field. The problem is if you choose something else, there no error neither in editor-time nor in runtime. It just does nothing completely silently. It should either work through any reference or report that it won't work with such reference.

  4. Christian Oeing repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Thanks Maxim! I will update the documentation and check if I can add a warning showing up there.

  5. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Alright, I adjusted the documentation text, added a new screenshot there and added an error to the log when the provided type of the object for a target binding isn't of the expected one. Thanks again for reporting it, Maxim!

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