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Rainer Bernhardt created an issue

Regarding to the examples and what I experienced is that the "Property" postfix is invalid. It causes weird behaviours when still used.

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  1. Rainer Bernhardt reporter

    It seems to be only invalid for collections, they are not working correctly with the Property postfix.

    Properties it self need them as it looks

  2. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Hi Rainer, Thanks for the report, I will have a look at it tomorrow. Do you have a simple use case with which I can test it? Or can you tell me how the weird behaviour looks like so I can identfiy it?

    Cheers Christian

  3. Rainer Bernhardt reporter

    I had a collection with the postfix Property. When I used that collection it only updated once (when removing or adding an item), but then stopped updating. I resolved it by removing that postfix.

  4. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Can you post the code of your collection property and field?

    This code works correct for me:

            private readonly Property<Collection<CollectionExampleItemContext>> itemsProperty =
                new Property<Collection<CollectionExampleItemContext>>(new Collection<CollectionExampleItemContext>());
            public Collection<CollectionExampleItemContext> Items
                    return this.itemsProperty.Value;
                    this.itemsProperty.Value = value;
  5. Christian Oeing repo owner

    As I could not reproduce the issue I close the issue. If it should still exist feel free to comment and I will reopen the issue.

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