Where can I find Slash.Unity.GestureInput?

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Issue #38 resolved
ZhaoXiangXML created an issue

So I bought Slash.Unity.DataBind from Asset Store, and I imported GestureInput.unitypackage addon package.

However it can't compile for namespace Slash.Unity.GestureInput is missing.

I've searched Asset Store but I can't find this package.

Is there some other place I should look at?

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  1. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Hey @ZhaoXiangXML, Right now the Slash.Unity.GestureInput asset is not available yet. It's an input asset I use for projects and which I maybe will publish at some point (when it is complete and I have time to clean it up). If you are interested I can send you a work-in-progress version, so you can check it out.

  2. ZhaoXiangXML reporter

    HI @coeing, thanks for your kind reply. I'll re-check this issue when my project needs gestures.

  3. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Alright, I will close the issue for now, as it's not really a bug :) Just send me a message when you like to try out the asset.

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