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Issue #78 resolved
Jan D created an issue

Right now, when the collection, which is datasource of CollectionRangeLookup change, the CollectionRangeLookup creates a new collection.

Real issue is, that i use combination of CollectionRangeLookup and GameObjectItemsSetter.

GameObjectItemsSetter has a provider CollectionRangeLookup which takes forst X from Collection.

public class GameObjectItemsSetter : ItemsSetter
protected override void ClearItems()
protected override void CreateItem(object itemContext, int itemIndex)

Problem is, that every time something change in the Collection, the CollectionRangeLookup creates a new Collection. New collection triggers ClearItems on CollectionRageLookup() and then multiple CreateItem calls within them the created gameobjects are instantiated and reset for a brief moment. That looks really bad.

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  1. Christian Oeing repo owner

    Okay, I had some time to work on the CollectionRangeLookup. As I don't use it currently in my projects, it would be great if you could test if it works for you and I will include it in the next version.

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