ToggleIsOnProvider not working as expected

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Christian Oeing repo owner created an issue

Feedback in forum:

I'm not sure but looks like there is quite unstable behaviour with DataProviders class.
I have settings popup with 2 toggles.
If I use old ToggleIsOnGetter - everything works as expected. when popup activated the value taken from the context and update toggle component accordingly. =
But if I use new ToggleIsOnProvider, context updated on the first popup activation immediately. The default value from popup toggle component override context value.

So the idea here is that popup window deactivated by default and activated later after start and on activation children component context updaters override existing context values.

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  1. Christian Oeing reporter

    I created an example to test it, but it works for me as expected. Waiting now for feedback and adjustments to the example to reproduce the issue.

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