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Welcome to Data Bind for Unity

This is the home page for the technical documentation of the Unity plugin "Data Bind for Unity".

Feel free to browse the documentation as you like!

If you are completely new to Data Bind for Unity a good starting point would be the Introduction and the short Tutorial.

Supported UIs:

  • Unity UI
  • NGUI

Supported Platforms:

  • PC, Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone/Store
  • Other platforms may work, but are not tested


Feedback welcome!

The documentation and plugin itself are highly under development.

This means we know that there are parts missing and will add them in the future.

But we need your help: Tell us what you like to see implemented next, so we work on the issues that you think are important first!

Just send us a mail (, leave a comment on one of the documentation pages or create an issue in our issue tracker: