CI / user_guide / installation / upgrade_203.html

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Derek Jones avatarDerek Jones
backed out 648b42a75739, which was a NON-trivial whitespace commit. It broke the Typography class's string replacements, for instance
Iban Eguia avatarIban Eguia
Fixed double-space typo.
Greg Aker avatarGreg Aker
Altered Session to use a longer match against the user_agent string. See upgrade notes if using database sessions.</li
Greg Aker avatarGreg Aker
Fixed a bug (Reactor #231) where Sessions Library database table example SQL did not contain an index on last_activity. See <a href="installation/upgrade_203.html">Upgrade Notes</a>
Greg Aker avatarGreg Aker
Removed APPPATH.'third_party' from the packages autoloader to negate needless file stats if no packages exist or if the developer does not load any other packages by default.
Greg Aker avatarGreg Aker
Removing internal references to the EXT constant. Additionally, marked the constant as deprecated. Use ".php" instead. Also adding upgrade notes from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3.
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