Configuration Management


This project is currently in alpha

The goal of the edx/configuration project is to provide a simple, but flexible, way for anyone to stand up an instance of Open edX that is fully configured and ready-to-go.

Building the platform takes place in two phases:

  • Infrastructure provisioning
  • Service configuration

As much as possible, we have tried to keep a clean distinction between provisioning and configuration. You are not obliged to use our tools and are free to use one, but not the other. The provisioning phase stands-up the required resources and tags them with role identifiers so that the configuration tool can come in and complete the job.

The reference platform is provisioned using an Amazon CloudFormation template. When the stack has been fully created you will have a new AWS Virtual Private Cloud with hosts for the core edX services. This template will build quite a number of AWS resources that cost money, so please consider this before you start.

The configuration phase is managed by Ansible. We have provided a number of playbooks that will configure each of the edX services.

This project is a re-write of the current edX provisioning and configuration tools, we will be migrating features to this project over time, so expect frequent changes.

For more information including installation instruction please see the Configuration Wiki.

For info on any large recent changes please see the change log.