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Hi, I'm new to bitbucket, and stumbled upon django-twostepauth; which was quite cool to know that I could integrate two-factor authentication on my django project.. I'm still learning lot of new stuff relating to python and django.

I would like to use this package and would also like to contribute (if I could in anyway).

My only concern was to install and run the package; I was able to install the django-twostepauth on a virtual environment, but was hitting lot of errors, I think I was not configuring the settings as mentioned in install.rst file..

Could anybody help me figure out how to do it/ write a noob free wiki page possibly with screen shoots/ a link to youtube video likewise.

Thanks and sorry if this issue is not supposed to be placed here.

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  1. gshah9 reporter

    I am using django 1.5 and encountered the following error, Exception Value: No module named simple

    on line: local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/twostepauth/ in <module>, line 18

    on some research, found out that the django.views.generic.simple.direct_to_template has depreciated and changed to django.views.generic.base.TemplateView

  2. Nuno Maltez

    django-twostepauth was not compatible with Django 1.5 because it was using some features that were removed in the latest Django versions.

    This has been fixed in the development version, so pulling from the repository should provide a working version with 1.5.

    Unfortunately, the example application is still not compatible with Django 1.5 because it requires django-profiles which does not currently work with the latest Django releases (see

    I'll try to update the example application to use the new custom user models instead of profiles and make a new release in the near future.

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