This is the main edX platform which consists of LMS and Studio.

See code.edx.org for other parts of the edX code base.


Please refer to the following wiki pages in our configuration repo to install edX:


The code in this repository is licensed under version 3 of the AGPL unless
otherwise noted. Please see the
for details.


Documentation for developers, researchers, and course staff is located in the
docs subdirectory. Documentation is built using
Sphinx: you can view the built documentation on

Getting Help

If you're having trouble, we have several different mailing lists where you can
ask for help:

  • openedx-ops:
    everything related to running Open edX. This includes
    installation issues, server management, cost analysis, and so on.
  • openedx-translation:
    everything related to translating Open edX into
    other languages. This includes volunteer translators, our internationalization
    infrastructure, issues related to Transifex, and so on.
  • openedx-analytics:
    everything related to analytics in Open edX.
  • edx-code:
    everything related to the code in Open edX. This includes
    feature requests, idea proposals, refactorings, and so on.

You can also join our IRC channel: #edx-code on Freenode.

Issue Tracker

We use JIRA for our issue tracker, not
GitHub Issues. To file a bug or request a new feature, please make a free
account on our JIRA and create a new issue! If you're filing a bug,
we'd appreciate it if you would follow
our guidelines for filing high-quality, actionable bug reports.

How to Contribute

Contributions are very welcome, but for legal reasons, you must submit a signed
individual contributor's agreement
before we can accept your contribution. See our
file for more information -- it also contains guidelines for how to maintain
high code quality, which will make your contribution more likely to be accepted.

Reporting Security Issues

Please do not report security issues in public. Please email security@edx.org