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2011-04-27: Version 1.1.0

    Fixed the script loading to use UTF-8 encoding (Yasuhiro Matsumoto).

    Added check for system proxy setting (Yasuhiro Matsumoto).

    Fixed building with Cygwin and Qt 4.5 (John Dalton).

    Added a new example: driver for QUnit tests (Łukasz Korecki).

    Fixed issue #20: problem with JPG transparent color (Alessandro Portale).

    Fixed issue #9: ignore first line starting with #! (Matthias, aka fourplusone).

    Fixed issue #7: support for file upload for form submission (Matthias, aka fourplusone).

    Fixed issue #35: support for disabling images loading (Ariya Hidayat).

    Fixed issue #14: enable or disable plugins (Ariya Hidayat).

    Added a new example: using Canvas to produce the color wheel (Ariya Hidayat).

    Added support for rasterizing as GIF image (Ariya Hidayat).

    Added support for CoffeeScript (Ariya Hidayat).

    Fixed issue #19: option for setting the proxy (Clint Berry, Ariya Hidayat).

    Python implementation using PyQt (James Roe).

    Fixed issue #17: Specify paper size for PDF export (Alessandro Portale).

    Fixed issue #60: Win32 and OS/2 icon files (Salvador Parra Camacho).

    Added clipping rectangle to the render function (Wouter de Bie).

    Added an example on sychronous waiting (Gabor Torok).

    Added command line option to use disk cache (Jon Turner).

    Added text extracting example (Weston Ruter).

    Fixed issue #93: Build with Qt < 4.7 (Ariya Hidayat).

    Ported all examples to CoffeeScript (Robert Gieseke).

2011-01-17: Version 1.0.0

    Initial launch.

    The API is centralized at the 'phantom' object (as child of
    window object) which has the properties: args, content,
    loadStatus, state, userAgent, version, viewportSize, and
    the following functions: exit, open, render, sleep.

    Several examples are included, among others: web page rasterizer,
    weather service, headless test framework driver, and many others.