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Detect Renames

.. module:: guess.dialog
	:synopsis: Dialog used to detect copies and/or renames

.. figure:: figures/guess.png
	:alt: Rename guessing dialog

	Rename Guessing Dialog

This dialog is used to find renames, moves, and/or copies that were done
without Mercurial's knowledge.  The dialog can be launched from the
shell context menu, or from the status or commit tools via the context
menu of an unknown file.

Follow these steps:

1) select one or more of the :guilabel:`Unrevisioned Files`
2) slide the :guilabel:`Min Similarity` bar to the percentage match you desire
3) uncheck :guilabel:`Only consider deleted files` to search for copies
4) press :guilabel:`Find Rename`
5) preview :guilabel:`Candidate Matches` and accept good matches
6) repeat until all unrevisioned files are matched

Candidate Matches

When you select a match in this list, the differences between the two
files are shown in the bottom pane.  Pressing :guilabel:`Accept Match`
will record the rename or copy event with Mercurial.

From command line

The guess tool can be started from command line::

	thg guess

	guess previous renames or copies

	use "thg -v help guess" to show global options

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